Saturday, May 26, 2012

This is going to be a very quick post because I'm so exhausted. Will talk more tomorrow. Brussels is awesome! So much to offer! Got in after a 3 hour delay of our plane, so the rest of the group went on ahead and we quickly met up with them. Bought a cell phone that will work in Belgium so classmates and professors can get a hold of me.  Then grabbed my first Belgian food. Only had a minute to decide, so I got a baguette with brie on it. Turns out it was a sweet bread with raisins and nuts in the crust. Not sure if I liked it or not. The brie was definitely delicious though!  Next we found ATMs that worked for our bank cards (mine is all the way in the metro station :/ but at least it's somewhere we might go often!). And then we got our metro/bus/tram passes for the rest of May and tested them out.  We took the Metro to school (not really "to" school, there's still a 10-15 minute walk) and then went home by tram/bus combination (which was annoying, but less walking).  We took the bus to the historic district that was just beautiful. Returning there tomorrow evening with some of the crew, so hopefully I will have a picture to post. Lots of people around, many tourists, lots of French speaking people, and lots of construction.  And not a lot of bathrooms or water fountains.

Anyways. Haven't slept in about 32 hours except for a quick nap on the plane (got to watch We Bought A Zoo, but the seats were really uncomfortable).  So I'll fill you in on the rest tomorrow. Bon Soir!

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