Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 1: Antwerp, and Luxembourg

So sorry I haven't kept up to date! It's been a very busy week getting settled in. Visited all the supermarkets in the neighborhood, worked out the quickest way to all the usual places, feet are getting adjusted to the cobblestones, and learning where to get what food. Week 1 is barely over and we already have a favorite go-to eatery. Got an unlimited public transportation pass and we are all getting our money's worth.  School was fast paced and I ended up switching classes. Now taking Islam and Politics in the EU because a) the teacher is said to be very good and b) the rest of the group is in that class and c) no class on Thursdays or Fridays. 4 day weekend. WHATTT!?!?!? Thursday has been dubbed "Museum Thursday" so we can get some culture.

It's taken me a while to warm up to speaking French again, but I'm understanding more and more of people's conversations. And not as intimidated as I was the first day with ordering or talking to vendors and such.

Friday went to Antwerp, Belgium on our 10 trip, 50 euro train pass. 5euros each way. Good deal! There are many good deals out there for less than 26 years old, students, or group travel. We saved 15 euros each on our train tickets to Luxembourg today! But back to Antwerp. It was much cleaner, smaller, and calmer than Brussels and French is not spoken, so that was a little frustrating. We found a great cafe for lunch, then walked around the river, went to a museum for 2 euros and spent a while there enjoying the randomness it had in store. (it was very random) Then we were plum tuckered out and rested at a restaurant for a good hour and a half. We all decided we were okay with leaving the city early and headed home. 6 hours of activeness was enough to wear us all out!

Today we woke up early and were at the train station at 7:50 to buy our (cheaper) tickets to Luxembourg. Got right on the train and napped for most of the 3 hour ride.  It was cold when we got there (weather was hot and sunny first few days of the trip, now it is overcast and cool, my favorite!!) but warmed up throughout the afternoon.  We ate a delicious lunch of awesome pizza with different toppings (mine had an egg on it. very different, but good!) and headed out to a bus tour. It wasn't very informative and was quite silly, but at least we got to sit down for a bit and see the city from the bottom of the valley. We went to a museum (for freeeee!) and learned about Luxembourg's history. Then we divided and conquered the town. My group walked around and saw the most beautiful man-made views I've ever seen. I didn't want to leave! We walked around some more, grabbed a special Magnum McFlurry from McDonald's and got back on the train for the ride home.

The group of students is awesome. We all get along really well and love traveling together.  Don't know how great this trip would have been with a different group. Shout out to Luxembourg walking buddies Jamie and Marianne! We definitely had the best time today. Check out pictures on Facebook!

Busy days until Thursday, so probably talk to you next weekend. <3 Au Revoir!


  1. Sounds like a great trip so far! Love your pictures.

  2. Thanks Erin! It has been an amazing adventure :)