Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 6: Another Trip Analysis

We are at week 6 with a little over a week until the flight home.  I thought I would share another list about the differences between Europe and America and what has changed since the last one.

The public transportation has started to become a hassle. Train system works great, metro too, but the buses have been late SO many times in the last two days that I could have gotten places much faster by walking or biking. Oh well. Even though I don't like cars, I'm going to enjoy the convenience of them when I get home.

The food here is still great, but I can't wait to get back to my Tex-Mex. I'm used to eating it several times a week. It's not a huge thing here.

The sales: Awesome except that a) I don't have any more room in my suitcase to bring things home and b) the sizes are different here and c) stores and streets are really crowded, making it not a desirable place for me to be...

The architecture and style of cities is still fantastic, but they are starting to look the same to me.  I was much less interested in how Ghent and Bruges looked because I have seen quite a bit of it in the last few weeks.

Also tired of museums and art.  I'm not much of an art museum person anyway since I don't understand any of the symbolism of anything. I basically like landscapes. But regardless, I'm pretty museumed out.

I'm also pretty finished with city living.  Waking up every morning to honking and sirens and such is just annoying. I'm writing this at 11:30pm and a crazy maniac just went down our street and you can hear everyone talking and yelling and it's just eeeeh. I will be glad to get to my little Gainesville.  And then in the future, just anywhere that is not the city.

Still love Europe, but I was not made to stay here forever.  Maybe in a small French town when I speak fluent French.  I think I could live there. But not here.

Still really missing the 4th of July. Wish I could be home for that!!

Got the lemonade craving satisfied, so that's good.

Ready for a break from school but also to return to UF with a higher caliber of teaching requirements (I didn't like my class sponsored by Western Kentucky University and their professor. For various reasons. One. Day. Left.)

Dryers for laundry. Yes. Air drying is great and all, but when sharing a room with someone, there's really not that much space for a drying rack.

Tex-Mex food as stated above.

T-Shirts. Can't wait to just be able to wear t-shirts again without being looked at like I'm a dumb American. And flip flops for that matter.

Air Conditioning. Again, know we don't really need it here, but on those rare days that it IS hot here, I have definitely missed it. Especially in school, confined in the same room for 6-7 hours a day. Ugh.

English TV and Radio (although a lot of radio stations have American music) and other people speaking your language around you.  Seriously, every time I hear American English being spoken, I freak out.  It's only been like twice in Brussels. And it was on campus so doesn't count.  It's just nice to know that when you walk into a grocery store (CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK TO PUBLIX AND ITS COOKIES!!!) that you're going to understand when they tell you something.

And as always, just excited to get back to my friends and family.  This was not a planned out blog, so excuse me for randomness. :)

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