Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 6: Last week of class

Just wanted to briefly tell you about the last full week in Brussels.  We had a field trip to NATO on Monday, which was really interesting! Unfortunately we were in Timbuktu and it took almost a full two hours to get home via public transportation. And we had a test the next day to study for...

Tuesday was an interesting day.  We went to school, barely paid attention in Islam class (actually, I presented a project that part of the day so I did pay attention a little bit), and were supposed to have a guest speaker for the second half of class.  She ended up canceling, which was really sad. I was looking forward to something different in the class! Anyways, during lunch, Lissette accidentally spilled coffee on her pants and burned herself.  I volunteered to go home to get her a change of clothes because I know how uncomfortable that can be.  Also I needed to study for EU class and was completely up for missing some of Islam class. I was the only person in the group to be finished with my presentation, as well. So off I went.  I had to wait almost 10 minutes for EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE that takes us home. A tram and a bus each way.  The wait at our apartment took so long, my professor for the EU class showed up and thought I was just getting to class early.  It was ridiculous.  But on my bus ride I finished studying, so that's good!  So over an hour later I arrived back at class to find the professor sitting right next to my stuff.  He finally realized that people were playing games and on Facebook in his class. It was not a good day for them.  We had the EU test, class after and then headed home where I probably ate a burrito and played on the computer. I don't remember.

Wednesday was the 4th of July! It's like my 3rd favorite holiday and I didn't even get to celebrate properly.  Hopefully when I get home I can recreate it minus the fireworks. Hot dogs, chips, lemonade, swimming pool, and ice cream. Of those things, I had none here.  Instead, we spent 6 very long hours in class.  I think it was the longest day of class we've had since we've been here.  Our Islam professor had decided we were going to have a debate in class.  It was nasty.  Mostly it was us yelling at the teacher because we all agreed on the topic and he kept trying to prod us to debate each other.  Well debating only works when people argue another side. But seeing as it was based on our opinions and we all agree...  He said at one point he was going to take off points because our opinion was wrong.  Last time I checked you can't grade someone on their opinion.  It was just a gigantic frenzy of frustration with people yelling across the room and the teacher annoying everyone and all of the pent up disgust for the class coming out.  Several of us were waiting to walk out of the room.  If he had said one more thing that was completely crazy, like calling out a student for giving her opinion and then saying she wasn't an expert in the subject so what did she know (um, hello, we're all not experts, including you!).  It settled down a bit because we all knew we had less than 20 minutes left of class.  Then I was in a bad mood for the end of EU class. But walking away from school that day was the best. Sorry for the venting, but unless you were on Facebook chat or in the room with me while I was working on these assignments, you don't understand how frustrating that class and the professor was. Just have to write the final essays now and then I will be finished with that class forever.

Anyways.  We had originally had plans to meet up with a group of students from Missouri who live by us at a square/place area.  Then because of the threat of rain, they moved the party to their apartment.  I ate dinner at home and decided I didn't want to go out anymore and enjoyed an evening at home.  Some of the other people on our group were grilling on our roof, so I joined them for a bit and ate the European apple pie we had bought earlier that day.  And that was my 4th of July.  I also researched stuff for Rome and packed and went to bed reasonably early.  The end!

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