Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week 3: Halfway Point

Today marks the halfway point of our trip (I believe).  We technically have about 4 weeks left, but there are only 3 weekends left. So it's about halfway.  I'm going to write about my week later, but here's my update on the trip.

(Note, these lists are in no particular order. Only as thoughts popped into my head.  Except for #1 on the American list. That's definitely my most missed item.)

Things I love about Europe:
  1. Public transportation ROCKS. Except when they hit people, motorcycles, or inanimate objects (each of which has happened in the last few days).
  2. Tax is included in everything! When you get the cash register, if the shoes said "12.99" they are "12.99!!!" So amazing.
  3. Bread. Seriously. I'm living off of the baguettes here.
  4. Food in general. So good. Sweetest strawberries I've ever had.
  5. Cool weather. While the rain is inconvenient 90% of the time, I'm loving being able to cuddle under blankets and want to bring a jacket everywhere.  Need to buy a scarf soon.
  6. Old buildings and history
  7. French language
  8. Culture!
  9. New friends from all over (Met a pair of Gators while we were in Amsterdam!)
  10. Tax is included in everything.  Did I mention that already? Woops! It really is like my favorite thing. Prices might be higher, but I don't have to think as much, which counts as a WIN in my book.

Things I miss about America:
  1. Lemonade
  2. Friends and family
  3. UF campus/Gainesville
  4. American summertime stuffs like barbecue. And lemonade.
  5. The 4th of July (even though it's not here yet, I know I'm going to miss it!)
  6. Other people wearing shorts. I feel like I'm the only one here. Loving the weather, but all the locals are in jeans and jackets! Crazy!
  7. Target and Publix and being able to buy things all at one place
  8. Free public bathrooms
  9. Water fountains and free water at restaurants. 6 euros for a liter of water at restaurants. Just crazy to keep having to order and pay for it. I was expecting to, but I miss the free-ness. It'd be okay if there was lemonade for me to buy instead.
  10. Lemonade. I know I repeat myself a lot, but if you were living with me here you would be hearing it even more. Trust me.
  11. Oh, and air conditioning. I don't really need it here most of the time, but the first few days were SO hot indoors.  And if it's raining and you can't sit outside... that's bad. 
  12. And smooth sidewalks. The cobblestones were pretty for the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately, most of the roads we walk on are all torn up. I have to look at my feet instead of at the buildings at all times. Which is why every day I find something new on our walk home.
Well that about wraps up my lists. I'm off to bed to rest up so I can write a nice long post about my week when I arouse from my slumber.  Enjoy your weekend! And as always, if you are traveling abroad, let me know where you will be so we can meet up! Check in soon! <3

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  1. When you go to a restaurant ask them for water "from the tap". They will bring it to you usually. Haven't been too many places where that wasn't easy to get. Try it---maybe there is a way to say it in French. Shake your head and say---no bottle, from tap. :) 6 euros is a lot of money for water.