Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 4: Cemetery Exploration

Now that I'm writing this post after going to Paris, I can't remember anything else that happened last week.  We went to the European Commission for a field trip on Monday, had a midterm exam on Tuesday (rocked it!), and went out to eat to celebrate.  Marianne and I went to a little Italian restaurant near our apartment and ordered lasagna.  It was so good and practically bathing in cheese. I ordered "limonade" on the menu but it was not lemonade, but actually Sprite. I had this whole blog planned out to rant about it, but it seems unnecessary now. :)

Thursday, Jamie and I met our school mates Cory and Paige for a day exploring a cemetery.  Cory lives near there with his host family and found it last week.  The cemetery was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  It looked like the cemetery in Phantom of the Opera without the snow, to give you imagery. Just gorgeous.  Anyways, we were walking around just enjoying each others' company and we found a staircase going down, with barricades in front.  The gate lead to the crypts underneath the cemetery! We couldn't get in there, so spent the next 15 minutes looking for another way down.  We found one, snuck behind the barricade and got into the crypts!  It smelled like mildew, was cold, and had water dripping everywhere, forming stalactites and stalagmites. So cool! We had to whisper because we weren't supposed to be down there, and every sound sounded like other people walking around.  It was so suspenseful! We got out without being arrested, though, so that's great!  I'm not expressing this like I should.  It was so pretty much creepy and the illegal activity gave us a rush of excitement and danger that made looking at old stones so much more entertaining!

After the cemetery, we went to a cool part of Brussels with second hand shops and antique stores and things of the like.  We grabbed some lunch, went into some of the stores and just window shopped at the rest of them.  Then it got cold and rainy and my legs hurt, so took a very long time to get home while I tried a new tram route.  All in all it was a great day.  Next post: Paris!

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